Why bother to republish the philosophical works of Reginald Kapp?

by John Kapp

By his son, John Kapp, 22, Saxon Rd, Hove, BN3 4LE
Tel: 01273 417997,           Email: johnkapp@btinternet.com

Why bother to republish my father’s philosophical books and papers (totalling nearly 1000 pages) in a web site? Surely, everything that could have been written half a century ago has been overtaken by the march of science? Unfortunately not.

He did something which nobody else thought of doing. He tested the conventional belief that matter is the only reality, and is indestructible, against Occam’s razor and found that neither were the minimum assumption. So he assumed that non-material influences do exist, and that matter has a half-life, and saw where it led.

He found that various phenomena, such as life and gravity, which have so far eluded scientific explanation could be explained. He challenged the scientific community to test his hypotheses by taking up new fields of research, but they have not yet done so. This was probably because being anti-materialistic was not politically correct, and they would not have got grants if they had followed up his ideas.

He thought of himself as 50 years before his time. That has now elapsed. With the internet, beliefs are changing fast. Even if our leaders still believe in materialism, their belief is being challenged as never before. We now know that our belief creates our reality. If we believe that there is nothing but matter, then there can be nothing above matter. If nothing is sacred, then nothing is sacred. The end justifies the means. Anything and anybody can be dominated and exploited for any cause, such as nation or capitalism or money. It is up to us to tell our political and business leaders what to believe.

My father attacked materialism as bad science. However, in the half a century since he was writing it has spread to bad business and bad politics, witness factory farming, the burning of the rain forests, global warming and dimming, and crisis in healthcare, threatening the life-support system of our planet.

My sister (Dr Elinor Kapp) and I are republishing his works to further a paradigm shift from materialism to holism.. We want to make it as easy as possible for scientific research teams anywhere in the world to critically take up his ideas and test them. We believe that the result could be as beneficial to humanity as that from the earth-centred to the sun-centred solar system, which followed the publication in 1632 by Gallileo of his book called Dialogue on the two chief world systems; Ptolemaic and Copernican.

In a letter to Arthur Koestler, who was a friend, dated 28.8.64, he summarised his life’s work as attacking various ‘fortresses’ defending beliefs, such as materialism. I will let him speak for himself with selected quotations in italics, referenced at the end to the page number of the book or article from which they came. You can read them in the context of their entirety in this web site. To avoid confusion of words which may have different meanings today, he uses the following words as antagonists: materialist v. animist, (latin for soul), monist v. dualist, (matter and mind or matter and spirit) mechanist v. vitalist (latin for life)

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